How Often Should You Wash Your Hair, Really? A Celeb Hairstylist Weighs In


We used to think lathering up our locks every day or two was the norm. Then, with the dawn of dry shampoo, we were allowed some wiggle room between washes (OK, maybe a lot of wiggle room). And while shampooing less frequently has been ideal for our sleep schedule, we weren’t totally sure how the habit was affecting our scalp health. On this week’s episode of “The Glow Up,” beauty director Jenny Jin asks the age-old question: How often should you wash your hair?

After a PureWow office poll yielded a wide range of results, from those who rinse their roots once a day to those who suds up every two weeks (!), we needed to set the record straight. So Jin checked in with celeb hairstylist Helen Reavey, cofounder of Act + Acre, who didn’t just tell us about our dry, neglected scalps, she showed us.

During the episode, Reavey uses a microscopic camera to inspect the manes of a few PureWow staffers (and, spoiler, our scalps are not exactly sparkling clean). The closeup view reveals an uncomfortable amount of dust, dead skin, dry shampoo and product buildup coating our strands (likely from conditioners that contain silicones, says Reavey).

“We double cleanse on our skin, and we should always double cleanse on our scalp,” Reavey advises. The expert tells Jin that the first wash takes care of any oil, pollution and product remnants, while the second go-around actually cleans our scalp.

Watch as Reavey probes our roots, demystifies hair oil and, yes, tells us exactly how often we should shampoo. Then, share your hair-washing schedule in the comments (no judgment, promise).

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